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Hello pet-lovers! With the advent of May Day, the month declared by the ASPCA as prevention of cruelty to animals month will come to an end. That, however, should not be the end of your resolution to try and stop cruelty on animals. That can never take a back-seat, with you pet-lovers alive and kicking.

Pets touch our lives in a very special way. They can go a long way in releasing mental tension and a gentle wag of the tail from your pet can make you forget all your cares and worries in a jiffy. Take advantage of this amazing influence of pets on human being and wish your friends with these wonderful pet comments cards. No sweat involved, just click on the cards I'm putting up for you and see the difference in your friendship. I'd be very happy if I can help you in some way.

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Cuckoo Day - Fun Comments

Hello pet-lovers! Cuckoo Day is here and it falls in a month that has been declared by the ASPCA as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. So all you pet lovers must take this opportunity to wish your friends and family a very happy Cuckoo Day and extend your love for pets to non-domestic animals as well. Click away on these cards to wish your mates the very best of this day and it'll be a lot of fun as well.

Go Cuckoo With You! You do the craziest things with them. And of course you love it. Say that with this ecard.

Party Your Feathers Off ! Send this fun ecard to friends/sweetheart/loved ones.

High Flying Hi! Send a chirpy wish to all you know.

A Sweet Note! Tell your sweetheart how he/she makes you feel.

Real Birdie Fun! Send this cute ecard to friends/family/sweetheart.

Coo-ing Out To Say... Let your sweetheart know how much you love him/her with this lovely ecard.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Pet Cards For Friends

Hi friends! As you are already aware, April is the month of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. However, people are still indulging in lots of activities which amounts in cruelty to animals. Take your pets to vets when they fall ill. Don't ignore their little illnesses as they might culminate in complicated ones and result in a lot of suffering for the animal. Treat them well, give them proper food and take them out for walks in an open space.

My heart pains to see the ill treatment meted out to pets by insensitive people. Click on these pet cards and wish your friends and loved ones. Don't forget to embed a message that will make them aware that it is the month of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

You Light Up My Life! Send this lovely card to your friends/near ones to make them feel special.

No Bones About It! An ecard for someone very cute.

A Joy Ride With You! Send this cute card to your friend/dear one to make him/her feel special.

Wanted To Send Flowers! Send this cute and flowery ecard to your friend/pal and brighten up his/her day.

Thank You! A cute ecard to thank your friend/neighbor/close ones.

A Special Message From My Pet! The perfect way to say thanks to your kind pet-sitter.

Bow-Wow To Our Friendship! Send this doggy wish to all your buddies and celebrate the joy of your friendship with him/her.

Pop A Hi! Send this cute ecard to greet your near one.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Spread the Awareness

Hello pet-lovers! There's something that I wanted to bring to your notice earlier but couldn't. April is the month of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as declared by the American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Pets definitely need more care than what they are receiving at the present; at the same time, we must also extent our care and affection to other animals which do not fall under the purview of 'pets'. Its their world also and we have no business messing their lives up for our pleasure or otherwise.

Click away on these Prevention of Cruelty to Animals cards and make all your friends aware of this month. I'm going to do the same because the spread of awareness can go a long way in making lives simple for these animals.

Perfect Shelter... Send this lovely e-wish to your sweetheart/spouse.

In Your Heart... Reach out to all your near and dear ones with this cute ecard.

Pet Friends -- MySpace Friend Comments

Folks! I'm sure many of you are thinking about getting a dog. That's really a great idea. But if you are a first time dog owner, just keep in mind that new puppies are cute and cuddly, but they would require intensive care and extraordinary attention to make them acclimatize to the new surroundings. I would suggest you to adopt an older dog if you want to steer clear of the hassles of raising a puppy. Dogs shelters are the perfect place to look for a pet.

The story doesn't end here! Tons of other points are there to make decisions on.

If you are looking for the pure breed dogs it would be a bad decisions ion your part if you have thought of a Jack Russel Terrier and if you are a peaceful person. Jack Russels -- though a small breed of dog can make you bang your head on the wall.

If you do not have much space or at least a spacious backyard in your house, dogs like German Shepherds and Great Danes may turn out to be nightmare for you.

If you love some adorable and cute sort of breed a German Pomeranian would be the right pick for you.

If you are staying in a cold region Chinese crested dog would be the wrong pick for you.

If you need some more guideline regarding selecting a dog breed you can comment me. Looking forward for your thoughts and queries placed as comments.

Wow Lucky To Have You! Send this cute doggy card to your buddy and tell him/her how lucky you feel to have him/her beside you.
The Beautiful Colors Of Friendship! Let your friend/pal know what he/she means to you.

Love To Be With You! Send this lovely card to your friend and tell him that you just love spending time with him/her.
It's Fun Being With You! Send this cute kitty card to tell your friend that you just love enjoying with him/her.

A Warm Cuddly Hug For You! A special card meant for all your dear companions to show your deepest thoughts for them.
A Birdie Who Cares... Reach out to your friend/sweetheart with this sweet card!

Free Mothers Day Ecard - Pet Comments On Mothers Day

Hi friends! Mothers Day is not far off. I can see the quizzed brows of you guys - why am I writing about mothers day on a pet comments blog! Well, who takes care of the pet in most homes? Who takes charge of its food and cleaning? So you cannot isolate pets from the all encompassing envelope of a mother's love.

Click away on these mothers day cards and mothers day greetings which have pets to carry your message for you. Pets have a knack of melting a person's heart very easily. So these pet comments will really come in handy if you are staying away from your mom on Mothers Day.

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Cuckoo Day - Pet Comments on Cuckoo Day

Hello pet-lovers! Hope your darling pets are keeping well! Pets generally mean unconditional love, you can also keep little twittering birds as pets. Though it may break your heart to cage them, you have no other option but to do that to prevent them from encroaching into unfamiliar territories.

Cuckoo Day is around the corner. It is celebrated in spring because the coming of the cuckoo coincided with the coming of spring. You may not be able to get hold of a cuckoo and pet that, but do make Cuckoo Day special for your pets! After all, you need an occasion to indulge your pets with love and affection and Cuckoo Day is one of them that reveals an opportunity to make a special dish for your Rover.

Click on these pet cards and wish your friends and family. These can add that extra zing to your best wishes this cuckoo day. It doesn't matter whether Dick has a pet; he doesn't need to have a pet to be a pet lover. But he always deserves special wishes from you on special occasions like cuckoo day.

Cuckoo Day comments

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Cuckoo Day comments

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