Christmas Countdown begins!

Hello friends! How are you all? I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving along with your pets. I had a good time with my buddies and family. Right now, I have got busy in preparing for the Christmas. There is so much to do! Haven't you started the preparations for the holiday season? Well, only 27 days are left for Christmas! Check out this cool Christmas countdown widget and start counting for the Christmas.

Thanksgiving gifts for pets

Thanksgiving is just round the corner and its a time to express our thanks and gratitude to our near ones for the love , support and care they have bestowed upon us.
Then why should our canine friends, staying with us at our home be left behind? They also play a key role in making our life brighter and better with their own way of displaying care and love for us.
On this Thanksgiving Day, pamper your pet with some nice gifts. For example you can make your pet dog jump with joy with the special Turkey brown designer collar or pamper your cat with the heated cat bed .Then there are Bandana scarfs, toys and lot of other things to present to your thefour-legged member of the family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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Jingle by Dogs and kittens

I just found a jingle made by pets! This video is made by a Korean by some cute little dogs and kittens. I liked the video! Enjoy!

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Funny Cats

Cats can sometimes create great nuisance. Of course , dogs are no better and I have the experience of it. But that is to be told some other day.
My neighbor was recounting how her pet pussy cat Ninja made her extremely embarrassed by snatching away the cookies from the hands of her guest when they visited her. On the top of that, Ninja took away the scarf of one guest and climbed up the tree on the garden. It was after lots of requests (read begging) Ninja took pity on the folks and returned it. Have you faced such incidents in your life? Please share with us all.
Meanwhile, I found a funny video of the animals and like to share with all of you.

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